Virtual Learning Session on Performance Management System

Virtual Learning Session on Performance Management System

National HRD Network in association with Wiztango is pleased to announce the upcoming Virtual Learning Session on "Performance Management" on Wednesday, 24th April 2013 at 1500 hrs.

It is the time of appraisals and it brings around the right time to share some of the best practices in the area of Performance Management System. The changing business dynamics in a globally competitive market, demands that companies adopt robust business processes like managing performance to remain in the lead. On the other hand, Performance Management System, undoubtedly, formulates the requirement of acknowledging and improving the potential of the employees. As one of the core processes of any organization, Performance Management System, hence, makes it imperative for each and every employee across levels, raise the bar of their own performance and together. The key driver to this in any organization is building a 'culture' that promotes high performance. The essence of a good Performance Management System is that while it invites you on a path of professional excellence, it also provides the roadmap for the path. A path that holds one accountable for the results that are achieved, in exercising responsibility in the use of resources entrusted and recognizing the importance of every role in achieving business success. It is this alignment, which could make or break the performance management system. Alignment may be two fold here, both of which are equally important for a successful system: 1. Vertical alignment – Aligning individuals and their Goals, Future plans, Strategy, Objectives of the company 2. Horizontal alignment – Alignment of individuals to the Goals of the HR system which includes things like career management, rewards and recognition, etc. The biggest challenge in performance management, remains creating a high performance culture by itself in the organization. This includes ways of running the appraisals, the roles and responsibilities of the Manager, HR, and employee. I would like to emphasize here, that a good Performance Management System takes care of the alignment between 'what' and 'how' in the system. This session will capture the various aspects of a good Performance Management System and is an attempt at giving you a well defined perspective on how to build a high performing System of Performance Management as a culture.


Sreekanth K. Arimanithaya
Vice President & Chief of Human Resources

Sreekanth K. Arimanithaya joined Britannia on 1st February 2011 as Vice President & Chief of Human Resources. He is also in charge of Information Technology (IT). Sreekanth is a passionate HR professional, with a diversity of experience across industries, geographies and roles, having worked with Kudremukh Iron Ore Company, TVS Motors, Toyota , Phillips and General Electric (GE) . He joined Britannia from CA Technologies (formerly Computer Associates) where he last served as Senior Vice-President - Global HR Operations & HR Business Partner based in New York, USA. In CA he was part of the core who transformed the business model, turnaround organization performance and culture. During HR leadership position in GE and Toyota he has lead many transformation initiatives. Sreekanth is qualified in TQM, Six Sigma (master black belt in Sis Sigma), Change Management (Change Acceleration Process) and is passionate about the comprehensive role that HR can and must play in delivering business results.


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The Case for a OE group in organizations & a OE body of Knowledge in HRD By R. Anand, Convener, OE Core Group, NHRDN; Amit Malik, Co-Convener; Dhananjay Singh, Executive Director, NHRDN;
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